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Agility, What I am adding to it?

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Agility, What I am adding to it?

Post by Matthew on Thu Sep 02, 2010 12:42 am

Ok well I am atm coding agility, I am adding some newer things. (I am unsure if these will be permanant.) -

. Making 1 main course
. Making if your under 70 agility you have a 10% chance of falling off 1 or 2 or the course objects and having to restart.

The 2nd one there I am nearly done, It is for 2 of the courses objects, and if you fall you will have to go up a ladder and redo just that object then continue.

Falling Rates -
0-10 = 60/100 chance of falling
10-40 = 20/100 chance of falling
40-70 = 5/100 chance of falling
70-90 = 2/100 chance of falling
90-95 = 1/100 chance of falling
95-99 = 0/100 chance of falling

For those of you who played Exorth i disliked it how once you were level 70 agility you did not fall, so i thought i would reduce it each time and from 95 you wouldn't fall.

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Re: Agility, What I am adding to it?

Post by Quentin on Thu Sep 02, 2010 4:05 pm

Good luck on creating this things!

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Re: Agility, What I am adding to it?

Post by Armorekid121 on Fri Sep 03, 2010 1:58 am

mhm, I also disliked it how on Exorth once you reach the Agility level of 70 you would not fall! I also think that it was a smart idea to reduce the Falling Rates at each pair of Agility levels and from the Agility level of 95 you have 0/100 % chance of falling.

The Agility course for Torquil is very well planned!
Once again, good work Matthew!

~ Armorekid121 Cool

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Re: Agility, What I am adding to it?

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