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Server Rules

Post by Matthew on Thu Sep 02, 2010 4:26 am

1. Offensive Language - This includes any cussing, profanities, racist or generally inappropriate language. Although this may not result in a ban, It will not be tolerated.

2. Item Scamming - Includes any scamming of items, This if proved will normally result in a ban.

3. Password Scamming - This is stealing or a players password or account. This will not be tolerated and will normally result in a medium length Ip ban.

4. Bug abuse - This is any bugs that you or others have found where you use them or benefit from them. If you do not report or stop using them you will be banned. This includes noclip.

5. Staff impersonation - This is any impersonating a staff member, The forums mods, Server mods, Global mods, Admin, Owner.

6. Monster luring - This is any luring of monsters or abusing that right. E.g. - Making them noclip, making them not attackable to other players.

7. Autoing/Macroing - This is any auto-clickers, bots, macro's and general things like that. Although sometimes it is hard to prove if you have macro-ed if you are caught you will be banned.

8. Item duping - This is any duping of items, If proved that you have it will result in a very long ip ban.

9. Encouraging others to break rules - This is a low crime and will not be tolerated, most likely resulting in a short ban or a warning.

10. Misuse of yell - This is spamming, pointless talk, talking in fully capital letters and generally misuse. This will often result in a mute, but it can go further into a ban.

11. Advertising Server/Website - This will not be tolerated and shows you do not want to play. This will result in a decent ban.


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