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Warheroguy in a feature film?

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Warheroguy in a feature film?

Post by Warheroguy on Tue Nov 09, 2010 7:29 am

So I've spent about half my life acting in plays, musicals, and directing/acting in public service announcements for public local television. I've also am in High School Drama, so obviously, I'm a huge fan of the art of acting. Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be in movies. But now, over the years I've been working on my resume, trying to make it look more impressive, and I think it's good now. So... I'm going to try out for a movie. First I have to send my resume in, and since it's a general submission it's a long shot, but every actor has to submit this in the beginning of their career. They just have to get lucky. I do consider myself lucky with call backs though. In every play I've done (over 20) I've gotten a call back. And yes, this is like 1000x more than anything I've ever done, but I just hope my luck reaches that far.

So the movie I'm trying out for is called "The Hunger Games." It's based off of the award winning novel written by Suzanne Collins. I'm sure some have heard of it before, it's a very famous young adult novel which I personally highly recommend.

The casting will begin sometime later in November or December. Filming will begin in 2011 and will be opening in 2012!

The Story:
The story setting is the area known as Panem, which occupies what used to be known as North America. In post apocalyptic times the area is divided into 12 districts controlled by dictatorship in a city known as Capital. Every year, twenty-four teenagers (one boy and one girl from each of the 12 districts) are drawn by lottery to play the "Hunger Games", a gladiator style survival game. The games have only one rule; you may not eat the players who have died, or otherwise commit cannibalism. The twenty-four teens must fight each other – the last player standing is the winner, and is rewarded with a life of comfort. The other twenty three players perish in the game.

Katniss Everdeen from a town called Seam is the main character and heroine of the book and the movie. Katniss is from the poor area of the 12th district. Her involvement in the games comes to be when her sister's name is drawn to be the person to represent District 12. Katniss takes the sister's place with the knowledge that the 12th district has not won in thirty years meaning she will be fighting for her life to break this streak.The story plot contains a romantic portion when Katniss develops feelings for two other contestants, Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorne.

So I will send in my resume once the casting of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is completed and I will hope for the best. I do believe I'm perfect for a tribute part or any other District teen. And I'm not saying I'm getting a part. I probably won't but it's very possible, they really want unknown actors for this film. If I do get a part I will become part of the Screen Actors Guild and most likely get an agent so future films I'd try out for it would be a million times easier to get a part. But I will send my resume in every year and hope I get something nice Wink Wish me luck!
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