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The new forums

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The new forums

Post by Matthew on Fri Jul 16, 2010 12:24 pm

Hey all, The full reason why we canged forums to these is here.

Well the change was 100% not my choice, The company who hosted my other forums and millions of others shut down. Meaning the forums went down and i could not do anything about it. These are a very good set of forums, and these will be the home of Torquil. I hope you all understand, and im sorry about this. Have fun on the server, and on forums.

Server - The server is going very good, i am currently updating some shops, drops and monsters. I will be working on the forums to make them even better, and a webclient and highscores. The webclient and highscores may take me a decent time to finish but they will get done.

Moderator News - There are no staff at the moment, The forum moderators Gyru and Warheroguy will get forum mod again like the previous 2 forum. But i have got a few people for some server ranks of staff in mind, and there is 1 person i will be picking soon for staff.

Client Download -

Have fun

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