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Updates Coming soon

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Updates Coming soon

Post by Matthew on Thu Aug 12, 2010 8:17 am

Hey all, i thought i would let you know about some of the near updates i will be doing with my 4days off school.

Server -
. Bonuses for items
. Npc facing and npc attacking and dieing emotes
. Mini-game
. Fixing the mining emote
. Few fixes
. Fixing a few things so there will be correct timers on them

Forums -
. I will be making a few new staff/Special rank categories
. I will be fancying up the site whilst keeping it as simple as i can
. Will be trying to make a chatroom for people to use while on forums
. Will be making a few more minpr updates

These i will try to get done within the next 4days. Hope you will like them.

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