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Matthew is back and sorry

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Matthew is back and sorry

Post by Matthew on Sat Oct 02, 2010 10:58 am

Hey all, I am back from my holiday's and i am very sorry the server has been down. I have fixed it and it is up now.

I have relized some people have been rolledback. I do not know why, but i will be replacing anything that you want. If you are found out to be lying to get more items or lvls. You will be banned for 5-20days. Thank-you.


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Re: Matthew is back and sorry

Post by matt on Sat Oct 02, 2010 3:28 pm

Wow, extreme rollback much. I lost:

7M cash
D claws
D bow
2 D chains
Legends cape
Rogue legs
Skeletal top
Skeletal legs
150 Green dhides
200 Ourg bones
200 Dragon bones
Obby cape
My extra orange key
Iban staff
Str cape
Rune plate
2 Mime tops
2 Mime masks
D legs
1500 Mith arrows
3600 Iron arrows
3700 Steel arrows
61 Guam
46 Tarromin
30 Irit
39 Ranarr
17 Kwuarm
10 Cadantine
13 Eyes of newt
11 Limpwurt roots
8 Whiteberries

Also, I have 3 more robins then I had before the rollback, because I sold a few.

As for stats, my Str had about 16.4M xp,
Att had 3.9M xp or so,
Hp was almost 93
70 Fletching
60 Wc
700k Mining xp
I think around 300k Smithing xp somewhere in the 60s

Then on ZM I had
92 Str
85 att
85 def
86 hp I think.

Then I lost all together my account Z which had about 73 or so att str and def, with I think 60 or 70 something hp.. It got rolled back to when it was a boxer that accidentally got to 5 combat :S. Any items that account had on it went back to before i gave them it.

Thanks to my bank pic, stat pic and sexy memory.

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